Baruna Cakrawala GroupOne Stop Marine Service Solution



Baruna Cakrawala Group

was a small company, but it has succeeded to firmly establish itself and has completed many local and global major projects in Indonesia.

Over than 10 years, Baruna Cakrawala Group has distinguished itself as a reliable partner to the Marine Oil & Gas Industry community. The company is capable to meet the needs of both domestic and international customers.

Baruna Cakrawala Group will never rest to continue to serve our customers satisfactory. We know that we have the new challenge that come every day with the same energy, enthusiasm and professionalism that we are known for. Baruna Cakrawala Group remains committed to small or large company and setting the highest performance standard in the Marine Oi & Gas Industry.

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Our Services

  • Stevedoring

    Responsibly and safely. We are committed to meet these needs and to earn confidence to choose us as your trusted stevedoring and cargodoring company.

  • ships agency

    Marina Intidaya Shipping unique ability to
    offer a tailor-made service package covering ship
    agency, bunker fuels, offshore logistics and more.

  • Inland Transport & Cargodoring

    The fleet of equipment are customized to meet all the inland transportation needs of our customers.

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